"Sluyter is in the grand tradition of authors who interpret traditional enlightenment teachings and apply them to modern Western life. … A rare combination of insight, clarity, wit, and pragmatic common sense."


 N E W   F O R   2 0 1 8

"Om meets Wheeeeeee! Sluyter careens merrily from the Buddha to Willie Nelson, from prison stories to The Wizard of Oz, but it all leads us — step by practical, loving step — toward a life of peace. Who knew that learning how not to be freaked out could be so much fun?”
— Michael Kane, author of Heal Your Broken Heart  

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"Dean Sluyter dispels many myths about meditation with clarity, eloquence, and insight. Without recourse to spiritual cliche or jargon, he shows that meditation is natural and effortless, and can be practiced by anyone who simply wishes to avail themselves of the peace that lies in the depths of their being at all times and under all circumstances."
– Rupert Spira, author Presence and The Ashes of Love

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"Entertaining and thoughtful in turn, Cinema Nirvana compels you to watch the movies in the way a buddha might see them."
– Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism Without Beliefs

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"You're not in for one hand clapping. Rather, it's both hands clapping for joy."
The New York Times

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"A brilliant, funny, profound, and crazy vision of the sacredness in everyday life."
— Jane Cavolina, author of Growing Up Catholic

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